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uNight Light 2.0


uNight Light 2.0 is Lumify's new & improved wearable LED light that helps healthcare workers illuminate their workspace while decreasing patient disturbances, during the day & night. Each uNight Light 2.0 comes with a USB charger. 

New features:

  • Improved design: uNight Light 2.0 is still light-weight and liquid repellent, but we updated the look to ensure it’s sleek and stylish, even during your busiest shifts.
  • Rechargeable: No need to change the uNight Light’s batteries anymore! Now, just charge your uNight Light after your shift. 
  • Stronger magnet: uNight Light 2.0 is still attachable to scrubs, but now with a stronger grip! Simply slide the magnet on the back, attach to your scrub top, and snap into place.
  • Individual light buttons: Instead of toggling through light colors with one button, you can individually activate each color option.
  • Light dimmer: Simply hold down the light button to adjust the intensity for a dimmer or brighter light. Your uNight will remember your preferred setting the next time you use it!
  • Color adjustment: The white light has been perfected to mimic the preferred lighting for assessments and use in the clinical setting.
  • QR code: Want to download the Lumify App to access the one-stop-shop for healthcare workers? Simply scan the QR code on the back of the uNight Light!

How to use: 

  • To wear: Attach your uNight Light onto your scrub top using the magnet arms.
  • To illuminate: Press R, W, or B light button once.
  • To dim: Hold down the light button and release upon desired light intensity.
  • To charge: Connect the USB charger to the side port, plug into a USB power adapter.
  • To clean: Wipe with a hospital grade disinfectant wipe for 30 seconds.

Inspired by the military, uNight Light comes with three lighting modes to optimize your ability to care for patients and remain alert:

  • Red: Preserve your vision and promote a sleep-friendly environment.
  • White: Bright enough to see but not be seen.
  • Blue: Boosts your alertness and cognitive function.

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