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uNight Light 💡

A wearable LED light made specifically for healthcare workers, allowing you to illuminate your workspace while decreasing patient sleep disturbances.

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Underscrubs 👕

Our exclusive Lumify underscrub is designed with 90% cotton & 10% spandex for constant comfort all shift long. Each underscrub is moisture wicking to ensure you stay cool in the rush of your shift. 

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Designed for the clinical setting

Lumify products are created for healthcare workers, by healthcare workers!

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So much #LumifyLove 💙

"As a nightshift RT, uNight Light is an essential tool that helps me provide the best care possible to my patients."

Garry, RTT/RCP


"WOW what the heck!! I freaking love my uNight Light! I don't think I ever don't wear it."

Chris, SN


"uNight Light helps patients rest more effectively; it just makes sense!"

Ashleigh, BSN, RN


"uNight Light is an absolute MUST for all healthcare workers."

Lucio, BSN, RN


"It's amazing that the uNight Light also comes with access to the Lumify Hub to access discounts from Lumify partners!"

Katie, RN, BSN, CCRN


"Thanks to uNight Light, I don't have to find a pen light anymore or use my phone flashlight when my patient is sleeping."

Courtney, BSN, RN


"I love how uNight Light is light-weight, liquid-repellant, easy to clean, and the perfect amount of brightness."

Sier, SN


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