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"I love how Lumify is unifying vetted products and resources for healthcare workers into one place! This is a game changer!"
-Joni, BSN, RN
"As a nursing student, it's so overwhelming to find the gear and resources I need. Lumify makes this easy and helps me save money!"
-Sier, SN
"The #LumifyFam is such an incredible community of healthcare workers and students from all over the country unified together to support one another."
-Bri, BSN, RN
"Lumify is like the Amazon for Healthcare Workers! It's so easy to purchase what I need, and their mobile app has awesome resources and discounts all in one place."
-Kirsten, BSN, RN
β€œLumify is a game changer for healthcare! I love what they’re doing with their innovative technology, their revolutionary app, and thoughtfully designed apparel. You can’t catch me at work without my uNight Light.”
-Camoy, BSN, RN

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We're nurses and we get it! Being a healthcare pro is rough. Finding the brands you love, discovering new tools, and accessing all of your resources and communities shouldn't be a difficult process. Yet, it is. That's why we created Lumify, the one-stop-shop for healthcare pros.


Hi! We’re Anthony & Jennifferre, Nurses and Founders of Lumify! We’re on a mission to ensure all healthcare workers have the gear and resources we need to excel at the bedside & beyond! Read about our story below.

Our Story

Save & access resources on the Lumify App

One place to access the brands, organizations, resources, and communities that support you. A "virtual nurses station" with awesome benefits like rewards and transparent peer-led reviews!