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Top 10 Gear & Resources All Nursing Students Need

Top 10 Gear & Resources All Nursing Students Need

With so many options on the market for students, it is sometimes hard to find quality resources. Therefore, we made it easy for you! Here is our top 10 list for gear and resources we think all students need! 

1. Lumify

Lumify is a one-stop shop for healthcare workers to access all of your gear and resources. With over 150+ brands and organizations, it’s the perfect place to find exactly what you need to excel as a student. 

2. RekMed (on the Lumify Market)

Nurse-founded, RekMed provides the Medical Community with high-quality educational planners. This is a great asset for staying organized in school. 

3. Osmosis (on the Lumify Hub)

Osmosis is a wonderful resource for students that offers 300+ content videos, NCLEX-style questions, and comprehensive information. They provide a mobile app for both iOS and Androids for studying on the go!

4. Incredible Health (on the Lumify Hub)

Incredible Health helps nurses find their next permanent roles. Their award-winning technology matches nurses with the right role at the right employer. 

5. The Student Doctor Network

The Student Doctor Network helps students from underserved communities increase their chances for admission to health professional schools. SDN is an educational nonprofit created for students, by students that is dedicated to building a diverse doctor workforce. 

6. Nursing Student Support Group

The Nursing Student Support Group is a Facebook group for future, present, and past nursing students where they can ask questions, support each other, sell books,  and much more!

7. The Resume RX (on the Lumify Hub)

The Résumé Rx is a place to help modern medical professionals learn career and résumé strategies so that you can curate your career and design your life on your terms. A Yale alumnus, Amanda provides resources about discovering your dream specialty, how to write a stand-out résumé & cover letter, and how to job search effectively.


​NSNA is a membership organization for nursing students dedicated to fostering the professional development of nursing students. With 60,000 members nationwide, NSNA is the voice of the future of ​the nursing profession.

9. Clove White Nursing Sneakers (on the Lumify Hub)

Clove is a modern-day sneaker brand designed for healthcare professionals. These shoes were made for those who are working long shifts, while providing maximum support and comfort. 

10. Stink Balm (on the Lumify Market)

Stink balm is used and loved by doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers. With many scents to choose from and the ease of applying under the nose, stink balm helps block odors. 

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