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Meet Lumify Care: Tools to support healthcare pros

Meet Lumify Care: Tools to support healthcare pros

Hi there, we’re Team Lumify! We’re two nurses on a mission to ensure that all healthcare workers have access to the gear and resources we need to excel. Our journey building Lumify hasn’t been easy; however, what has always kept us going is our want to create a positive impact for healthcare pros and patients alike.

Our story starts back in 2019 when we met at a Johnson & Johnson hackathon. Anthony, at the time, was in his third year of nursing school, and Jennifferre had just started her journey as a J&J Nursing Innovation Fellow. Both of us were always driven by the power of innovation and leveraging our perspectives as healthcare workers.

While working on the frontline during COVID-19, we were quickly frustrated by how healthcare pros lacked access to the tools and resources we needed to excel. So we thought, “let’s fix the problem ourselves!” and that’s how Lumify Care was born. We sought out to create tools to support frontline healthcare workers and improve patient care.

The first pain point we identified was that 87% of nurses struggle to see while providing care to a resting patient, leading to the use of intrusive overhead room lighting that disrupts patient sleep and comfort.

After waking up patients every time we turned on the bright overhead patient room lights, we knew we needed to do something. While healthcare pros currently use phone flashlights, pen lights, and runners wearable lights, these solutions are not fit for the clinical setting, inconvenient, and pose an infection risk.

Our solution and flagship product is the uNight Light, a wearable LED light which allows healthcare workers to illuminate their workspace while decreasing patient sleep disturbances on an average of 70%.

While uNight Light may look like an ordinary wearable light, it is made specifically for the clinical setting. uNight Light is light-weight, hands-free, liquid-repellent, and cleanable by any hospital grade disinfectant.

Inspired from the military, our device comes with three LED light color settings (red, white, and blue) to optimize your ability to care for patients and remain alert. uNight Light’s brightness has been tested to give the perfect balance of illumination; allowing you to see but not be seen.

95% of healthcare pros stated that uNight Light helped them see better while providing patient care.

We launched uNight Light in February 2021 and have since grown to 20,000 healthcare pro users at over 500 hospitals, impacting nearly 5 million patients to date! We’ve partnered with 100+ healthcare brands and organizations, including some of the largest nursing communities on social media, reaching 2 million healthcare pros. And we’re just getting started!

In 2022, we’ll be launching our uNight Light 2.0 and new product line, which will have added benefits to help healthcare pros see without disrupting their patients.

Did you know that 72% of healthcare facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa lack sustainable electricity? As part of our global mission, we’re excited to be partnering with the Global Nurse Foundation to donate uNight Lights to under resourced healthcare facilities that lack sustainable electricity. Additionally, every time a uNight Light is purchased using a discount code led by one of our #LumifyFam community members, Lumify Care donates to various non-profits. Overall, we hope to spread a positive light in our healthcare system and greater world.

Meet Anthony & Jennifferre, two nurses on a mission to ensure all healthcare workers have access to the gear and resources we need to excel!


  • Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
  • University of Pennsylvania (Nursing + Healthcare Management)
  • Two-time Broadway veteran
  • Guaranteed first person to dance at any party


  • Hometown: Fresno, CA
  • NICU Registered Nurse, 10+ years of clinical experience
  • 2021 Nurse of the Year in Central Valley, CA
  • Wife, mom, pro karaoke singer

Anthony and Jennifferre are the first nurse-led team to win the President’s Innovation Prize at the University of Pennsylvania. Additionally, we are the first fully nurse-led team to participate in the prestigious tech startup accelerator, YCombinator. Throughout the summer of 2021, the Lumify Team was busy preparing to scale and impact as many healthcare pros as possible!

As two underrepresented founders (female, latinx, LGBTQ+, first-generation), the main core values of our team include celebrating diversity, remaining authentic, and putting the end-user first.

Over the past month, we’ve interviewed 500+ healthcare pros, 50 brand executives, and 30 hospital executives. Coupling this knowledge with all that we’ve learned from our experience launching uNight Light, here are some of the insights we’ve identified:

  1. Healthcare pros are overwhelmed navigating their professional ecosystem (brands, products, resources, continuing education, professional organizations, the list goes on).
  2. Hospitals are struggling to increase healthcare pro engagement, decrease turnover, and recruit new pros.
  3. Brands targeting healthcare pros are tired of expensive digital ads and strive to be as authentic as possible.

Healthcare pros need an easier way to access all of the tools and resources out there, in the most transparent way possible, and that’s what led us to developing the Lumify Hub.

The Lumify Hub is first ever one-stop-shop for healthcare pros. In this marketplace, healthcare pros can access everything they need — like Lumify Care products, mental health resources, clinical shoes, and scrubs — all in one unified hub with benefits such as exclusive discounts and transparent peer led product reviews.

We’ve launched the Lumify Hub waitlist and on August 23rd, we’re excited to be launching our Lumify Hub beta including some incredible brands like Eko, Under Armour, Hello Fresh, ProCompression socks, the Asian Care Unit, NurseGrid, and many more!

In the future, we envision the hub to grow into an immersive mobile app where healthcare pros can share their favorite products and save money. Overall, we want to unify our profession and bring back transparency!

This is just the beginning for Lumify Care. In the future, we have big goals. We imagine a world where healthcare pros are supported with all the tools and resources they need to excel. We’re so excited to have you a part of our journey.

Stay up-to-date on our story at @lumifycare on all social media platforms and at www.lumifycare.com. Feel free to connect with our team at founders@lumifycare.com.


Jennifferre, I’m so proud of you! You’re just the right person to be spearheading an enterprise like this! I’m excited to follow Lumify’s evolution. Congratulations 🍾
Linda (your humble PCT friend)

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