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Introducing the #LumifyFam Cohort III

Introducing the #LumifyFam Cohort III

We are so excited to welcome 14 new healthcare pros and students into our Lumify family!

The goal of the #LumifyFam is simple: to empower and unify our healthcare community. At Lumify, we believe that we are stronger united than divided. When we come together and #UnifyHealthcare, we can do anything! Check-out the third cohort of the #LumifyFam below.

Kathleen, BSN, RN

Hello! I am a nurse and currently a nurse practitioner student. I have a passion for cultural competence in the workplace. I strive to be a positive force in the nursing world and in everyday life.
I am a travel ED nurse who loves to travel, read and be surrounded by the people that I love!
I am an adopted immigrant Filipino working as a wound care nurse practitioner.
I am an ICU nurse with 3 years of experience and 1.5 years being a travel nurse. I love staying active, traveling, dancing, hanging with friends, and sharing tips about travel nursing on my IG and Tik Tok.  I am so excited to be a part of this family and meet new people!
Hi Lumify Fam! I am a certified nursing assistant from Seattle, WA, working in the CVICU as well as mother baby unit. I am currently applying to nursing school to achieve my dream of being a NICU or postpartum nurse when I graduate. I am very passionate about documenting my journey to nursing school as well as educating new CNA's who want to go into nursing!
Angelina, RN
I am new grad NICU nurse and a mommy to a beautiful baby girl! I love babies, especially the tiny ones that come in huge packages!
Hi, Nurse David here! I have been in healthcare for over eight years and currently work on a neuro telemetry unit. On the side, I teach clinical but in my free time I love making YouTube videos. I have a nursing related YouTube channel where I review all types of healthcare products from shoes, scrubs to nursing gadgets. I recently graduated with my MSN in health informatics. In this role I hope to better support the healthcare community!
Hello everyone! I’ve wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember. I graduated nursing school this past May, passed my NCLEX exam in early August, and now I’m working as Registered Nurse in a Telemetry unit. So far, I love my career and couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. I decided to share my passion for nursing by creating an Instagram page called @sereneinscrubs where I do weekly quizzes, and give tips/advice to nursing students and fellow nurses, and more. I am overall very passionate and grateful to be apart of a career with such a strong community.
I am an ICU nurse. I am passionate about mental health, animals and just overall being a light to others.  I am excited to get to know everyone! I love that Lumify is so giving!! My husband and I created Scrubstr, which is a platform for traveling healthcare personnel to leave honest reviews on hospitals and agencies. It's also anonymous!
I'm passionate about the future of modern healthcare. I love to travel, drink wine and espresso, and exercise! I have my own charity, which I donate 100% of its proceeds. NurseNico.org
Aloha! I'm Diane Kristine & I'm a cardiovascular cardiothoracic registered nurse. I was born & raised in Hawai'i & currently live in Texas. I'm a dog mom to a 5 year old pug named Pythagoras. I'm also a 5 year uterine cancer survivor.
I am a Travel RN that works in two states! I am passionate about making the most of life by traveling, investing, and having good fitness.
I am a pediatric/neonatal respiratory therapist! I am passionate about giving these kiddos some relief just by helping them breathe!
My name is Kelita, also known as Nurse Kay! I’ve been in nursing since I was 16 years old, starting as an LPN. I’ve been an RN for the past six years. I currently work as a travel nurse in med-surg/telemetry & stepdown. I’m passionate about helping new nurses develop the confidence that they need to succeed in this profession and encouraging open dialogue about topics that are important to nurses. I love teaching which is why one of my goals is to become a nursing educator. I’m also passionate about representation. As a woman of color, it’s important to be a face of representation for my community so that other nurses of color feel that they’re seen and heard and that young black and brown children can see themselves in these spaces and aspire for more.

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