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Introducing the #LumifyFam Cohort II 

Introducing the #LumifyFam Cohort II 

Today, we are so excited to welcome 10 new healthcare pros and students into our Lumify family!

The goal of the #LumifyFam is simple: to empower and unify our healthcare community. At Lumify, we believe that we are stronger united than divided. When we come together and #UnifyHealthcare, we can do anything! Check-out the second cohort of the #LumifyFam below.

Nursing Student & Oncology CNA

Hello! My name is Michelle and I am a 4th-year nursing student working towards my BSN! My dream is to become an oncology or NICU nurse once I graduate, and I am currently working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) on a surgical oncology unit! I am extremely passionate about helping vulnerable populations and helping those who are most in need. I decided to step into the nursing profession because I love that nurses get the opportunity to care not just for their patients' disease process, but to care for them physically, mentally, and emotionally. I initially created my Instagram account (@michthenurse) to document my journey of becoming a nurse, but I soon realized how much I LOVED being able to help others succeed in their nursing school or CNA journey, as well as engage with a community of healthcare professionals like myself along the way!

NP Student & MedSurg RN

Nurse Nunu is a character played by Lucio who puts a comedic plays on the daily adventures and tribulations of a nurse. Lucio is a MedSurg nurse who was recently highlighted as a #HealthcareHero on Jimmy Kimmel Live as well as KCOY news for fighting on the frontline as a covid nurse. His platform is based off helping new graduate nurses and other healthcare professionals with positivity, advice, and humor during this troublesome time.

PA Student
I am currently a first year PA student in the middle of didactic. I have a dog-child, Ranger, who is the best practice patient I could ask for. I love meeting  people, solving problems, and studying anatomy so going into the medical field was an obvious choice! I love a fast-paced life style, making PA the perfect fit for me. I’m passionate about helping others and leaving a positive impact on everyone I meet! My goal is to spread joy and grace to all my future patients in hopes to provide treatment and care that is specific for their individual health journeys!


My name is Amber and I’m an RN in a level 3 NICU in Maryland! When I’m not busy taking care of the teeniest patients in the world, I can be found hiking, watching horror movies, crafting, and snuggling with my cats! I love being a cheerleader for others on their journey through nursing school, and believe my biggest strength is advocating for others! 

RN & Esthetician

I'm Kirsten and I'm a registered nurse living in the great state of Texas! I'm married to an infectious disease fellow and have two babies under two so to say my life is chaotic and busy would be an understatement. On weekends, I also work for skin care companies on the side as an esthetician and go to multiple Ulta/sephora locations to educate staff and clients about new ingredients and products on the market as well as help drive sales. I'm driven by my passion to always serve others. 

Pediatric ICU RN

I am 23 and Registered Nurse from San Francisco, CA Bay Area!  I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from n May of 2020 and currently work in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at a level 1 Trauma Center in CA! I want to take my career a step further by entering into the field of anesthesia and plan to attend graduate school and pursue his Doctorate in Nursing Practice specializing in Nurse Anesthesia. 

I currently volunteer as a crisis counselor at Crisis Textline. Recently, I joined the Board of Directors for the San Francisco Chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and runs Social Media. I saw that there was a lack of nurses online advocating for self-care. I decided to utilize social media to help and inspire others to find self-care that works for them while navigating nursing, which can be a very stressful profession.


Hi! My name is Bri, I’m a 20 year old ER Registered Nurse. I graduated this last May and started sharing my whole journey on Tiktok. My goal is to inspire other nurses that healthcare can be positive, especially during these hard pandemic nursing times. Being a new grad nurse is hard, so I felt like it was important to be vulnerable and share my ups and downs through orientation. 

Nursing Student

I am a current second-year nursing student in a Traditional BSN program, and I concurrently work as a CNA in an acute care setting on a Tele/Med Surg Unit. I am passionate about helping others in need and ensuring my patients are being taken care of holistically with promotion of their health regarding their mind, body, and spirit. I absolutely adore watching films! I am a part time movie critic (just kidding 😂). I also love getting to travel when I can to explore new places and experience different cultures! I love getting to meet new people and develop new friendships, and I am a big promoter of radiating good energy and making others smile! 

I am obsessed with multi-color pens, and I am a big foodie. I am also a big advocate for volunteering in my community by participating in vaccine clinics and community health screenings! I am a big advocate for children with disabilities. I have a special heart for my babies with Down Syndrome because my brother has DS, so whenever I get the chance, I volunteer my time to my local AYSO VIP program that specializes in promoting health and well-being through soccer for children who have physical and mental disabilities. 

Pediatric ER Tech

I love crafting and spending time with family! I also work with pediatric patients in the emergency department at the nation's best awarded pediatric hospital!


I am an ICU RN working outside the Atlanta, GA area. I just got married to the love of my life in October of 2021. I love to travel, drink coffee, and celebrate the people I love. I am a huge Harry Potter nerd and I also love Christmas!

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