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Introducing #LumifyFam Cohort V

Introducing #LumifyFam Cohort V

We are thrilled to introduce the fifth cohort of our #LumifyFam creator community! This cohort exemplifies what the #LumifyFam is all about: good vibes, authenticity, standing up for our healthcare community, and unifying healthcare.

These 15 incredible creators have created communities, podcasts, companies, and platforms to support our healthcare ecosystem, and we are so honored to help amplify their voices.

And remember, every time you use a #LumifyFam creator's discount code, you save 10% off your order, and we donate to a non-profit of the creator's choice. 

Please give a warm welcome our #LumifyFam Cohort 5 creators!! 


Syed (@temoryouknow)

Hello! My name is Temoria Mughal (now Syed!). I’m a Pakistani American second year medical student at AUA COM, interested in OB/GYN. I’m passionate about accessible healthcare for underserved populations and also specifically in refugee communities. I hope to use my medical knowledge to make quality healthcare something that people who really need it can obtain it easier than they might be able to do now. I’m also passionate about reading a good book in a cute coffee shops & all things modest fashion!


Kirsten (@thatnoblenurse)

I am a new grad icu nurse who has a passion for health promotion and critical care! I was a patient care technician all throughout nursing school and found that critical care was the fit for me and was lucky enough to start in critical care as a new grad RN!


Bekah (@nursebekah22)

Hi my name is Bekah! I am a new grad Labor and Delivery nurse in Wisconsin. Currently as I type this I am about to leave for my first shift off orientation AHHH!!! I am so passionate about woman’s health and there is no where else I would rather be than to be beside the amazing mommas in the scary, beautiful, exciting and vulnerable time that is labor. I LOVE being their ultimate hype woman. I am obsessed with my friends and family and just about anything outdoors. Post shift anxiety? You can find me walking it off outside haha. I also know how hard it is to be a nursing student/nurse and have made it a goal of mine to help other nurses/students not feel alone in the craziness that is healthcare.


Kash (@mursekash)

Hi #LumifyFam! I'm Kash with a K! I started my nursing career in July 2022. I'm passionate about bringing children's imagination to life by making them feel like they are not their diagnosis. I achieve this through my critical nursing skills as Murse Kash and as the acrobatic Spiderman. I am a pediatric nurse on a cardiac/neuro unit! I am Spiderman to children in hospitals, birthday parties, events, and Times Square!


Precious (@precious.oriakhi)

I graduated from University of Miami, and now I'm a Labor and Delivery Nurse in New York. 


Celeste (@nurseceleste)

I’m passionate about inspiring other nurses, putting a smile on their faces and helping them find comfort in the nursing community with struggles & that work life balance we all are challenged with.


Chenedy (@nurse.chen)

Hi!! I’m Chenedy and I am a travel nurse currently based out of Los Angeles. I use my platform to educate newer ICU nurses and to let the public know what bedside nursing truly consists of! I love sharing stories and I find that sharing nursing struggles brings nurses together world wide!


Sibyl (@nurse.sibyl)

Hello! I am a latina travel nurse and content creator. I have experience in Med Surg/Tele, Labor and Delivery and now am working in community nursing. I am @nurse.sibyl on all platforms.


Shubhankar (@shubidoobydoo1)

Hi! My name is Shubhankar but everyone knows me as Shubi! I'm currently a medical student at the Robert Larner College of Medicine here at the University of Vermont! I am interested in pediatrics and love working with kids! I am a sneakerhead and own over 100 pairs of footwear at this point (sneakers, crocs, slides, etc.) I love watching MARVEL movies and NETFLIX shows, such as New Girl. I enjoy playing basketball creating new memories with my friends!


Emilie (@fitnurse_em)

I am a NICU nurse living in Denver, CO. I am currently in grad school for Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine and have such a passion for health, fitness, and all things wellness! I host a podcast all about travel nursing with my best friend, Hannah! I love to hike, exercise, cook, eat & drink.


Hannah (@hannahkwerk)

Hi guys! I'm Hannah, and I'm a travel NICU nurse! I've been a NICU nurse for 6 years and traveling for 4 of those years. I love my little patients and traveling the country, so it truly is the best of both worlds. I have lived in 8 different states so far, and my favorite has to be Washington. On my days off, I love to hike, ski, visit new national parks, and explore new places and cultures!


Falen (@falensroadtopac)

Hi! My name is Falen and I am so elated to be joining the Lumify team! I am a certified clinical medical assistant and have been a little over a year now. I currently work in outpatient pediatrics and I LOVE it! I am currently working on my application to apply to Physician Assistant school and I am so excited to see where this journey takes me. I’m also passionate about mental health, fitness, justice for all and wanting everyone to feel loved. God’s greatest commandment is for us to love, so that is what I’ll do in any way possible! Whether that is through helping a patient, sending words of encouragement to a friend, baking sweets for a loved one or working out with someone; the possibilities are endless. I also enjoy reading and painting in my spare time, along with practicing the ukelele and singing karaoke with friends. I’m also the oldest sibling in my family, so I’ve been told I give off “big sister/motherly” vibes, which is fine with me!


Alex (@nurse.alexrn)

I am a pediatric travel nurse who loves to share my career and to help nursing students succeed


Meris (@meris_leveled_up)

I’m a board certified ER/trauma nurse at a local level II trauma center, and I also work as a nurse educator for Level Up RN. I am passionate about the care of marginalized communities, especially the LGBT+ community of which I am a part. I also care deeply about helping nursing students and new grads succeed and find their true passions within nursing. I live in Columbus, Ohio with my family including my two small kids, three cats, and an embarrassing number of houseplants.


Nurse it Like You Mean It, Laura and Rebecca (@nurseitlikeyoumeanit)

We are a pair of nursing educators who love to explain complex nursing topics in a way that is easy to understand. Our NurseItKnowledge clipboards try to give you all the information you might need on the go, in a functional way. Without compromising our philosophy to provide more than just superficial knowledge, we hope our resources give you the confidence to #NurseItLikeYouMeanIt!

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