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Best gifts for Nurses Week + Hospital Week 2022

Best gifts for Nurses Week + Hospital Week 2022

Nurses week is just a few weeks aways... so you may be asking yourself, "What should I get my work bestie for nurses week this year?!" Well, luckily for you, Lumify has you covered! Lumify's uNight Light has been voted BEST gift for healthcare workers in 2022. 

Here are Lumify's top 5 products to celebrate Nurses Week & Hospital Week 2022:

  1. uNight Light: If you haven't heard of the uNight Light, it's a wearable LED light made specifically for the clinical setting. It is attachable to scrubs and completely hands-free, allowing healthcare workers to illuminate their workspace while decreasing patient disturbances.
  2. Underscrubs: Feeling stylish and comfortable during your long shift is a must, and Lumify underscrubs are the easiest way to feel both. They are super soft and light-weight to ensure you aren't sweating as you run around your unit providing care to patients. 
  3. Compression Socks: Keep your work bestie supported from head to toe with Lumify's compression socks. These socks are light-weight, stretchy, and stain-resistant, all with 15-25mmHg of compression.
  4. Scrub Hat: We've partnered with Taylor Made Scrub Hats to design a light-weight and comfortable scrub hat to help us look and feel our best all shift long! Each scrub hat comes equipped with the Lumify heart icon so that you can spread the #LumifyLove. 
  5. White Board Reel: Lumify's white board reels are a must-have for all healthcare workers. These white board reels are the easiest way to write down vitals and reminders on the go. And once you're done, simply wipe down your board with an alcohol wipe to start fresh!

BONUS!! Buy your work bestie a product from the Lumify App! On the Lumify App, we have exclusive discounts for 150+ brands, organizations, and resources like Jaanuu, Clove, DOLAN, Eko, MDF, and more. Download the Lumify App on the Apple App Store (or sign-up for the Lumify Hub online) to access our discounts and resources. 

We hope you have an amazing Nurses Week!! And keep your eyes peeled for Lumify's giveaways and tour every single day throughout Nurses Week 2022! 



I am interested in seeing the night light? You don’t have a lighted keyboard do you?

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