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The Dirty Dozen Candle 12-Pack


Don't worry- you're not seeing double- this is a set of 12 Aromasthesia Candles, beautifully packaged in two 6-pack boxes, and delivered straight to your door!

Contains: Propofol (Rose Currant), Alprazolam "Xanax" (Jasmine Bamboo), Rocuronium "Roc" (Eucalyptus Breeze), Sevoflurane "Sevo" (Fig Oud), Midazolam "Versed" (Coconut bourbon), Epinephrine "Epi" (Saffron Jasmine), Labetalol (Sandalwood Musk), Botulinum "Botox" (Amalfi Bougainvillaea), Etomidate (Vanilla Cardamom), Ketamine (Pumpkin Spice), Ondansetron "Zofran" (Lavender Fields), and Succinylcholine "Sux" (Mahogany Teakwood)

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