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Mystery Scrub Cap


Mystery Surprise  Surgical Scrub Cap

Just simply choose your style and we'll surprise you with any design from our entire collection!

  • Classic style: A unisex style for anyone who prefers a sportier, more form-fitting look.  100% Cotton exterior
  • Euro style: A full coverage, adjustable cap with elastic cord-lock in back. Great for almost any hair length. 100% cotton exterior
  • Ponytail style: Full coverage for longer hair. The ribbon ties around the ponytail portion, allowing for a flexible fit. 100% cotton exterior.
  • Tie-Back style: A unisex surgical scrub cap that offers a little more room than our classic cap. Short-medium length hair can be tucked in for full coverage or worn out the back. It can be flipped along the edge, or left unfolded. A sweatband runs along the forehead. 100% cotton 
  • Bouffant style: A full coverage surgical cap for almost any length of hair. Wide sweatband across the front that tapers to the sides. Adjustable elastic cord-lock in back.  100% cotton exterior

May Include:
  • Ear relief buttons
  • Satin lining

 Washing Instructions: 

  • Machine wash- cold or warm to prevent shrinkage. 
  • Lay flat or line dry for best results
  • Iron as needed. Use low setting for satin lining and avoid overheating

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