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IV Fluids and Tonicity for Nursing - Digital File


This is a 2 page .pdf file. You will be amazed how much information we have on one simple study sheet for you! Our goal as experienced educators is to give you the need-to-know information along with enough in-depth content so you don't only memorize - you understand! This covers more than superficial knowledge… all on two pages for easy access and printing!

Fluid Compartments

Third Spacing



IV Fluids: Hypertonic, Hypotonic, Isotonic

Electrolyte Distribution

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The Fine Print:

These guides are intended to reinforce what you have learned in school, not replace it. While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of these resources – practice is always changing. Therefore, the authors of these resources do not assume any responsibility or liability on behalf of any purchaser or user of these guides. Always consult and follow your institutional policy and guidelines. Multiple resources were consulted in the creation of these resources. All digital products are the property of Nurse It Like you Mean it Inc. and protected by copyright. Files are sold to the sole purchaser and may not be copied, distributed, transferred or resold. Individuals will be reported to their schools, employers, and/or registering body, and may be subject to copyright infringement fines.

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