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Fun Organs- TopKnot Headband


These topknot headband are ideal for every day activities. They stay put in place while you’re working, at the gym, running, hiking, while at the beach, dancing, or any occasion.

Material: Modern Jersey
These headband are approximately 3.5 inches in width.
Headbands are sized to fit most as our head circumference vary.

There is no visible seam on the back. The seam is hidden within the topknot of the headband in a way that it will not be visible to eye while wearing.

How to wear: Top knot in front- wear with hair up in ponytail, hair down, or messy bun (everyone's fav). 

Colors may vary slightly from what appears on your screen depending on your monitor/cell screen settings.

Care for headbands: Machine wash cold gentle to minimize wear and fade. Air dry or tumble dry.

Please note that some headbands will vary slightly in sizing and pattern placement due to the place in fabric where the cut is made to make each headband. Please be assure that each headband is a quality finished product.

We are named “Stitched kindness” because each headband is lovingly made. We enjoy creating stylish headbands for our customers.

 All headbands are handmade by a team of two sisters who have a passion for crafts and sewing.

Thank you so much for the amazing support and thank you for shopping!

We create different style headbands which can be seen here:

Follow our IG page for updates and for ways to style your headband <3

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