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Family Nurse Practitioner 2023 ANCC/AANP Visual Study Guide



Hi there, future NP! Are you searching for the best way to get ready for the big test? Or, do you know someone who's studying to become a nurse practitioner and you want to get them a special gift? Look no further!

This comprehensive bundle is here to help you get ready for your family nurse practitioner (FNP) state certification board exam (AANP or ANCC). It's packed with 15 different sections to help you study and understand the material you have to know for your test.

This study guide is the best choice for visual learners. That's because instead of just reading boring lists of information, it has pictures and diagrams to help you understand the material better! Visuals can help you study better than just reading and writing alone. That's because our brains remember pictures and images better than just words on a page. When you look at a picture, it can help you understand a concept or idea better, especially if it's a complicated one.

That's why I made this study guide full of bright, bold and colorful designs to make learning fun and easy! Each section is easy to read, has lots of mnemonics and creative photos to help you learn the information. This way, you can learn and remember what you need to know to pass your test on the first try. And when you pass your test, you'll be one step closer to becoming a certified nurse practitioner!

With purchasing this bundle, you'll be well on your way to passing your certification board exams! Channel that big brain energy because you got this, future FNP!

xo Lauren


Product Details:
- This packet includes sections on: Eyes, ENT, Neuro, Cardiac, Respiratory, GI/GU, Endocrine, Hematology, Ortho, Pregnancy, Skin, Pediatrics, Professional Practice and Herbal Supplements.
- Each section covers disease etiologies, signs & symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatment modalities, and anticipatory guidance.


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