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“The new Lumify light is a game-changer; every healthcare worker needs one!”
-Ashleigh, BSN, RN (@that.nightshift.nurse)

Meet the uNight Light💡

A wearable LED light made for the clinical setting that helps healthcare workers illuminate their workspace while decreasing patient sleep disturbances!

“It’s the tool that you didn’t know that you needed until it’s right on your scrub top.”


“The uNight Light is a game-changer for frontline healthcare workers.”


“This innovative light is helping patients sleep better in hospital.”


“Caregivers can now check on patients without disturbing their sleep.”

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Easy to clean

Clean uNight Light 2.0 with any hospital grade disinfectant.

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Control intensity

Hold down the light button and release upon desired light intensity.

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Each uNight Light comes with a USB charger to keep your shift bright.

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Control intensity

Hold down the light button and release upon desired light intensity.

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Strong magnet

Slide the magnet arms a part and snap onto your scrub top.

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Healthcare pros love their uNight Light


I work nights and this is amazing to use I never wake patients up when I'm checking them or empty urinals or cath bags I can take vitals and not blind them while there trying to sleep. Love this product so much.

Heather L.
Verified buyer

I purchased the new uNight Light 2.0 for my daughter whose is an RN in NYC. She loves the product and has gotten many co-workers of hers asking her where and they get their own U Light. Of course, we referred them to the Lumify App. Awesome products and seamless ordering and delivery.

Jose C.
Verified buyer

I absolutely love the look, feel, and functionality of my new uNight Light. The stronger magnet and rechargeable features are game changers. I’m a nursing student and this product is a must-have.

Sier, SN
Verified buyer

The uNight Light is an absolute game changer for patient care and I believe every healthcare worker needs one! It is super easy to use, very high quality, recharges easily, and can get wiped down by a sani wipe after my shift.

Ashleigh, BSN, RN
Verified buyer

I love my uNight Light 2.0! Lumify listened to our feedback and made a stronger product with all of my favorite features. I use the uNight Light on days and nights, and it’s super helpful when my patient is resting or I’m trying to decrease stimuli.

Bri, BSN, RN
Verified buyer

Lumify has changed my experience on the way I work on the floor and with residents. It’s a great tool to have especially when it comes to emergency situations where all electrical is shutoff, worked under the dark without waking up residents. As I continue to work, many co-workers have questioned me on this pendant clipped onto my scrub top. Shared the awesomeness about this product and will continue to!

Bryan, LPN
Verified buyer

Overall the uNight Light 2.0 is way more professional and I love the color (it matches scrubs great). It has a lot more features that were missing in the first version the rechargeable feature alone is amazing and saves you money!

David, BSN, RN
Verified buyer

Lumify is a game changer for healthcare! I love what they’re doing with their innovative technology, their revolutionary app, and thoughtfully designed apparel. You can’t catch me at work without my uNight Light.

Camoy, BSN, RN
Verified buyer

The Lumify uNight Light has been an asset to me as a night shift nurse. I love that it allows me to do checks in my tiny patients' rooms without disturbing their sleep.

Raquel, BSN, RN
Verified buyer

Lumify makes the best products for healthcare workers! The uNight Light is my go-to for night shift. It helps me see without waking up my patient.

Garry, RRT/RCP
Verified buyer

Upon arrival to my unit, my shift reports have so much better. Nightshift nurse give bedside reports and it’s always been in patients dark room, and hard to read our papers but now, uNight Light has lit up my visual field. I finally see better with no patient complaining of bright lights too early. Lumify lights up is clear and am able to see my report in the patient’s dark room. I’m happy for this product.

Evelyn, BSN, RN
Verified buyer

As a patient, I’ve wished the nurses could come in at some other time than the middle of the night! As a parent of a nurse working nights, I thought the Lumify light would be a help to my son. He was so excited and said he wouldn’t have to use his cellphone flashlight anymore to check on his patients in the middle of the night! He even shared it last night with his coworkers!

Tracey, BSN, RN
Verified buyer

The Lumify light is exactly what every nurse should have! I love that my patients are undisturbed when I'm doing my tasks in the middle of the night. This allows them to sleep and heal!

Danielle, BSN, RN
Verified buyer


Choose your bundle

uNight Light 2.0 is Lumify's new & improved wearable LED light that helps healthcare workers illuminate their workspace while decreasing patient disturbances, during the day & night. Each uNight Light 2.0 comes with a USB charger.

Three light settings to help you see but not be seen

Red Light: Night vision

Increases alertness and awareness of the environment. Preserves night vision to ensure proper assessments. Promotes a sleep-friendly environment for the patient.

White Light: Normal

Powerful enough to see, dim enough to not be seen. Reading and preparing medications, handing IV bags and inspecting lines, assessing the patient (bodily fluids, skin, pupils, etc.).

Blue Light: Active

Boosts alertness, memory, and overall cognitive function. Regulates circadian rhythm, keeping night shift staff awake. Decreases medication administration errors.

Hear what Nurse David has to say

Trusted by 75,000 healthcare workers like YOU

As nurses, we get it! Waking up your patient when you need to do something simple like charting, grabing vitals, or assessing an IV site can be frustrating. We built the uNight Light so that you can see but not be seen!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the uNight Light?

The uNight Light is a wearable LED light designed to help healthcare workers illuminate their workspace while decreasing patient sleep disturbances.

Is uNight Light easy to clean?

uNight Light was designed to be cleaned by any hospital grade disinfectant. We suggest wiping down your uNight Light once per shift, and then you can continue to illuminate your care!

What is the size of uNight Light?

uNight Light is 3 inches long and weighs only 1.40 ounces. It’s lightweight and designed to not hold you back from caring for your patients!

How do I charge the uNight Light?

The uNight Light is rechargeable and comes with a charging USB cord! Simply charge your uNight Light once a week.

How do I take care of uNight Light?

uNight Light is designed to be extremely durable and antimicrobial. However, we recommend that you clean your uNight Light at least once per shift with a hospital grade disinfectant wipe.

What is Lumify's return policy?

For all concerns regarding missing, damaged, or ill functioning products, please email us at contact@lumifycare.com within 30 days of ordering your light for an exchange. We do not accept full returns at this time; however, we will work with you to make sure your uNight Light keeps your shift bright!

I have more questions!

We're happy to help! Feel free to email us at contact@lumifycare.com or DM us on Instagram at @lumifycare.




Hi! We’re Anthony & Jennifferre, Nurses and Founders of Lumify! We’re on a mission to ensure all healthcare workers have the gear and resources we need to excel at the bedside & beyond!

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