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Hi! I'm Sier and these are my Lumify Favs!

So, I'm a nursing student in my 23rd year. As a side hustle, I do graphic design, photography, and hairstyling. Music, sports, and socializing with friends and family are some of my interests. Because I am from a developing nation, Afghanistan, I chose nursing as a career. I chose nursing because I want to be able to practice medicine there and help kids in need while also putting a smile on their faces. In December 2022, I will have completed my nursing program. Use code "LumifySier" to save 10% on Lumify branded products!


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The Lumify App is your one-stop-shop!

One place to access the brands, organizations, resources, and communities that support you. A "virtual nurses station" with awesome benefits like rewards and transparent peer-led reviews!