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Hi! I'm Michelle and these are my Lumify Favs!

Hello! My name is Michelle and I am a new grad peds onc RN! I am extremely passionate about helping vulnerable populations and helping those who are most in need. I decided to step into the nursing profession because I love that nurses get the opportunity to care not just for their patients' disease process, but to care for them physically, mentally, and emotionally. I initially created my Instagram account (@michthenurse) to document my journey of becoming a nurse, but I soon realized how much I LOVED being able to help others succeed in their nursing school or CNA journey, as well as engage with a community of healthcare professionals like myself along the way! Use code "LumifyMichelle" to save 10% on Lumify branded products!


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One place to access the brands, organizations, resources, and communities that support you. A "virtual nurses station" with awesome benefits like rewards and transparent peer-led reviews!