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Hi! I'm Cloe and these are my Lumify Favs!

Hi! My name is Cloe, I am a CNA and full-time nursing student finishing up my last year and on track to graduate this December! I am a huge advocate for self-care in order to avoid burnout. I am also passionate about setting boundaries in the work place and having a separate life and identity from JUST being a nurse. I am not exactly sure what kind of nurse I want to be, but I do know that I am passionate about hospice/palliative care, women's health and sexual health. In my free time, I love to cook, shop and travel. I also love adventure, such as canoeing, white water rafting and hiking. I am a foodie and am always down to trying out new restaurants and activities! Use code "LumifyCloe" to save 10% on Lumify branded products!


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