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Hi! I'm Ashleigh and these are my Lumify Favs!

I'm a certified NICU nurse with 7 years of level 4 NICU experience. I also simultaneously worked in a level 3 NICU to explore other NICU practices. I've worked nights my entire career. That's my passion. I mentor night shift nurses to create balance utilizing a healthy routine to maintain physical and mental wellness. I recently graduated with my MSN, with an emphasis in nursing professional development. I'm currently building my Night Shift Nurse Academy which will house all the things night shift nurses need from resources, courses, and mentorship opportunities. Use code "LumifyAshleigh" to save 10% on Lumify branded products!


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The Lumify App is your one-stop-shop!

One place to access the brands, organizations, resources, and communities that support you. A "virtual nurses station" with awesome benefits like rewards and transparent peer-led reviews!